Just keep printing. And if difficulties occur, Agfa Graphics has the right solutions up its sleeve. Discover the products that solve any of your problems.



Dried ink, a broken blanket or a dirty roller? Agfa Graphics offers the right solution. Keep your printing process under control by using a specific product to solve a specific problem.


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Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy application
  • Control the formation of foam
  • Suitable for a wide variety of printers
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor


No Foam RC31: emulsion to prevent or reduce foam in almost all liquid systems, independent of their chemical nature. Available in 6 x 0.1 l

Decal Plus: acidic cleaning solution designed to remove excessive calcium and magnesium residue from rollers and blankets. Essential when printing with untreated hard water. Available in 4 x 1 l.

Xchange: efficient cleaning liquid for ink rollers, enabling quick color changes in one wash-up. Available in 6 x 1 l.

Dampakleen Plus: cloth damper cover cleaner. Quickly removes ink, pigments, varnish, gum residues, paper lint etc. Available in 4 x 5 l.

Rolkleen Extra: dampening rubber roller cleaner. Removes contaminants and ink residues from chrome, steel and rubber rollers. Available in 6 x 1 l.

InkStripper Plus: powerful solvent designed to quickly remove hardened conventional ink and coating deposits from blanket and rollers. Available in 4 x 5 l.

ATTIRO CareClean: processor circulation cleaner developed to be used in Agfa's Attiro processor. Removes yellow stain in all areas in a fast and highly efficient way, even with older deposits. Available in 10 l.

VCF CareClean: surface and Circulation Cleaner for VCF processing equipment maintenance. Removes coating residue in VCF Cleanout Units. Available in 4 x 1 l, 4 x 5 l, 20 l and 200 l.

Antura oxy clean: active oxygen cleaner. To be used when bad smell and mucus builds up in the tanks, tubes and pumps of the water rinse and the (clean-out) gum sections of plate developing or clean-out units. This product is safe for all processor components.

Available in 16 x 75 gr.

Processor Cleaner: cleaner for positive thermal plate processors, e.g. Energy Elite plates. Available in 20 l.

Dampening System Cleaner: powerful cleaner for dampening systems in offset presses. Effectively removes ink residues and paper dust. Available in 20 l.

Universal Key: opens jerry cans (10 l, 20 l), drums (200 l) and cubitainers (1000 l).


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