Security Printing

To stay ahead, Agfa offers valuable software solutions to the different markets suffering from counterfeiting. Find out more on our dedicated security packages, allowing you to to protect your brand, optimize your security documents or to adapt your existing designs to a higher degree of protection.

Security printing product categories

High-end Security Design

Whether you design or produce high security documents such as passports, identity documents, driver's licenses, tax stamps, vouchers or security documents, you always have one common goal: stay ahead of the counterfeiter.

  • High Security Cards
  • Passport
  • Tax Stamps
  • Documents
  • Lottery tickets, vouchers
  • Read more

General Security Design

Make it as difficult as possible for a forger or digifeiter to counterfeit your brand, products and documents by pushing the limits of creativity and security design.

  • Packaging and labels
  • Tickets and coupons
  • Tax stamps and post stamps
  • Company access cards, bank cards...
  • Breeder documents, certificates, diplomas...

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Security printing news

  • Beyond serialization of pharmaceutical packaging
    14 November 2016

    Serialization is the term used to describe the unique identification of individual saleable units (instead of each batch). As each finished product is packaged, a unique code is assigned and physically marked on the packaging in the form of a code, which can be traced. In response to increasing drug integrity concerns, track-and-trace laws will help regulate pharma products as the pass through the supply chain. They all rely on one core component: serialization.

  • How to get started with PrintSphere
    10 June 2016

    You learned about PrintSphere or you saw it at a trade show or other event, and now you are keen to start using PrintSphere in your company. This page describes how to do this.

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