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Today's prepress and printing professionals face tough challenges. How can you stay on top of things when turnaround is faster than ever? What's the best way to manage your increasingly complex workflows? Are you keeping pace with all prepress and printing technologies? How to control costs and increase profit margins?
If questions like these sound familiar, we would love to deploy our knowhow and expertise to help you find the right answers to them to help you grow your business.
We believe in print as an essential and powerful medium of communication. Our mission is to enable printing businesses to achieve profitable growth. We achieve this by offering you integrated solutions which are innovative, reliable, sustainable, cost-effective and price-competitive, enabling you to adjust swiftly to new market demands. In doing so, we rely on more than 130 years of experience and innovation.

Facts and figures

  • Agfa's largest business unit
  • Approximately 4350 employees around the world
  • Sales organizations in over forty countries and representations in more than hundred countries
  • Dedicated manufacturing facilities on every continent
  • Software development groups in Belgium and the USA
  • Research centers in Belgium, the USA and Canada
  • Manufacturing four out of five chemistry-free printing plates in the world
  • Provider of prepress technology to one out of four of the world's newspapers
  • Modern, state-of-the art inkjet and prepress showroom in Leeds

Our product portfolio

Agfa Graphics is a leading supplier to the printing industry, partners with sign & display, commercial, newspaper and packaging printers.

All over the world, we supply sign & display companies with a range of highly productive and versatile wide-format inkjet printers and dedicated inks, in addition to workflow automation software. We also serve various industries by deploying our state-of-the-art inkjet inks in printing solutions that are integrated into existing manufacturing processes.

Commercial, newspaper and packaging printers count on us for the most extensive range of prepress solutions, including hardware, software and consumables. These include a.o. user-friendly chemistry-free printing technology which saves costs and the environment, as well as mobile publishing software for newspapers and magazines.

Complete solutions

All our solutions integrate consumables, hardware, software and services. After all, success is not just about a single piece of technology. It's about optimizing efficiency and integrating state-of-the-art products into complex workflows that simplify our customers’ operations. We give you real-life solutions that offer long-term benefits. You can rely on us if you need solutions that offer scalability, modularity, and levels of automation that ensure high productivity and performance.

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