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Customer Case  | Editoria Santuário, São Paulo, BRAZIL  | 24 Agosto 2015

Editora Santuário

Editoria Santuário is a Brazilian commercial printer and publisher specialized in religious catholic books. In 2012, the company invested in a full new prepress system from Agfa Graphics, including Azura TS. They achieve runs of 300,000 copies with the printing plate.

Our operational efficiency immediately improved

Letícia Soares
Marketing Responsible

Editoria Santuário (Aparecida City in São Paulo / Brazil) is a commercial printer and publisher specialized in religious books. It is one of the largest printing complexes of São Paulo, boasting a history of 115 years of publishing resources for the catholic market. It also offers e-books through its website.

The company has an Avalon N8 50S platesetter, a CX125 clean-out unit which are used to image Azura TS printing plates, which are produced in Agfa Graphics’ factory in Suzano, Brazil.

Azura was the first environmentally friendly printing plate that was presented to Editoria Santuário. “Our operational efficiency immediately improved”, says Letícia Soares, Marketing Responsible. “In addition, we used no chemicals any more, and strongly reduced the consumption of water and energy, which led to significant cost savings. With Azura, we were even able to reach up to 300,000 copies in web offset printing without changing the plate.”

Explaining why the company opted for Agfa Graphics is not difficult for Soares:  “Agfa Graphics is one of the traditional companies in the market. Its local printing plate manufacturing site guarantees us reliable products and delivery.”

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