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Customer Case  | Kseroplast-Plus, Poznan, POLAND  | 21 May 2014


The Asanti Render software controls the machine and provides a quick and efficient way of ripping and file processing.

Andrew Wentland
Owner Kseroplast -Plus

At Kseroplast-Plus near Poznan in Poland, investments follow the development of the company itself. Four years ago, they bought an Anapurna Mw wide-format printer from Agfa Graphics. In the second half of 2012, the changed to the faster and more flexible Anapurna M2050, and in March this year, they bought their third wide-format printer from Agfa Graphics – a Jeti 3020 Titan flat-to-roll printer. It was installed with Asanti Render software.

It's fair to say that further investment in Agfa Graphics' machinery is a way to stimulate the development of the whole company", admits Andrew Wentland, owner Kseroplast -Plus. "The need to retrofit our machine park appeared even earlier than expected."

Kseroplast-Plus is the second Jeti 3020 Titan user in Poland, which is equipped with an additional module to print roll-to-roll. This was necessary due to the nature of the incoming jobs. "Printing in our case is part of the whole production of panels, systems, signs, visual identity. Depending on the type of order we use rigid or flexible media. For this reason, less than two years ago, we focused on the Anapurna M2050. The Asanti Render software controls the machine and provides a quick and efficient way of ripping and file processing", says Wentland.

"This is the first Asanti system in Poland," says Maciej Baur , product manager in the Polish branch of Agfa Graphics , who actively participated in the process of its implementation in the company Kseroplast-Plus. "We are pleased that our long-term customers were the first to implement it. Their decision was dictated by previous, very positive experiences with our solutions."

Increased productivity with Jeti Titan

Andrew Wentland admits that he did not consider other suppliers when deciding to buy another wide-format printer: "We were so pleased with the earlier work of Agfa Graphics and by the after-sales service provided by its Polish branch, that the only issue that remained was the selection of the optimum solution. We wanted, first of all, to maintain the quality guaranteed by the Anapurna M2050, but we needed to increase productivity. Our printer worked almost without interruption, and order kept coming in. The Jeti 3020 Titan FTR took over most of the work carried out with the Anapurna M2050, and jobs are now executed several times faster."

The high performance of the Jeti 3020 Titan FTR stems not only from its dimensions (it prints on media up to 3 meters ), but also from the specific design: the 32 print heads 'spit' ink droplets as small as 7 picoliters. "This allows for work of photorealistic quality with a resolution of 1200 dpi", says Przemysław Arabic, Head Inkjet Agfa Graphics Poland. "As a result, it can even be used for very small 4-point lyrics that are clear and legible. In the case of Kseroplast-Plus the printer has 32 print heads, but this number can be increased up to 48."

"The implementation went very smoothly", says Paul Wentland , one of the operators. "The Jeti 3020 Titan is very intuitive, and the Agfa Graphics staff assists us through remote monitoring of all operations. They even prepared special color profiles tailored to the specifics of our production."
In the meantime, the Anapurna M2050 continues to execute part of the orders made by Kseroplast -Plus. "We are very pleased with it", says Andrew Wentland. "The Jeti 3020 Titan FTR has expanded our offering, not replaced the previous working solution."

Streamling production with Asanti Render

As the first in Poland, the Jeti 3020 Titan is operated by Agfa Graphics' Asanti Render software, which was launched at FESPA Digital in London last years. Asanti Render streamlines and improves the performance of all processes carried out in the wide-format printers - from order intake to shipping the finished file to the print finishing. Based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine 3, Asanti Render has an integrated color management function, allowing all color settings to be generated and implemented at once, and then automatically controlled. The program also enables the creation of ICC profiles conform to ISO12647-2, Fogra and G7, and the use of special Pantone colors.

"Higher productivity equals shorter execution time, which is much appreciated by our clients", says Andrew Wentland. "These are mainly companies from the food industry, mainly Polish, although some orders come from abroad. Our company offers a comprehensive service - from design through printing and execution of advertising, up to finishing and fitting. Speed is therefore very important."

Currently, Kseroplast-Plus employs about 40 people, with production in two locations. "Ultimately, we want to have all machines under one roof, but that means we need to further develop one of the production halls", says Andrew Wentland. "For the moment, we focus on informing prospects and customers about our new investment. Some customers already know about it and they really appreciate our growth in this area. We also plan to launch an online store."

Przemysław Arabic adds: "The development of Kseroplast-Plus and its investments in the engines and software make a great impression. We are happy to be able to celebrate another installation of a Jeti Titan in Poland, as well as the first implementation of the Asanti software. This is one of thirteen UV printers of Agfa Graphics in the area of Poznan and its surroundings, and this number is growing as we speak. We hope that the new engine will bring new business to Kseroplast-Plus."

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