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Press release  | Agfa, Elmwood Park, NJ, United States  | 22 October 2019

Agfa Delivers Value, Efficiency and Profitability at PRINTING United 2019

Company to demonstrate products and services for Commercial, Packaging, Industrial and Sign & Display printing

Agfa’s industry-leading technology and services for the Commercial, Packaging, Industrial and Sign & Display printing industries will be demonstrated at the PRINTING United trade show (booth #8242) in Dallas, Texas, from Wednesday, October 23rd to Friday, October 25th, 2019. Agfa’s business experts will also be on hand to explain the how Agfa can deliver more value for the PSPs entire business.

The show will feature the North America launch of Agfa’s SPIR@L Screening, the latest patented, innovative technology for heat set and cold set printing that holds 1 to 99% dots from press to paper without any additional effort, guaranteeing vibrant colors and sharp images. This new screening avoids color contamination in the blue color range yielding a higher quality reproduction. 

Agfa UV-LED Inkjet Solutions

Agfa’s award-winning inkjet engines that attendees will be able to experience in the company’s booth include:

  • Jeti Tauro H3300 LED (6c 12 W; to be shown in both roll-to-roll and rigid modes): a high-volume production 130” (3.3 m) -wide UV-LED inkjet printer for sign and display with speeds up to 4,676 ft2/hr (453m2/h). This hybrid boasts extreme quality output with four levels of automation to choose from, so PSPs can configure the engine to their specific needs; manual loading and unloading, master roll-to-roll, semi-automation, and full automation. Jeti Tauro H2500 LED: at 100” / 2.5 m wide, this robust hybrid UV-LED printer with integrated roll-to-roll system features continuous and automated feeding of rigid and flexible media. It will be demonstrated in both rigid and roll modes.  With UV LED curing and print speeds up to 2960 ft2/h (275 m2) possibilities for high-end sign and display printing are endless.
  • Jeti Mira 2732 HS LM LED: this SGIA 2019 Product of the Year award winner is a 106” (2.69 m) -wide flatbed UV-LED inkjet engine features a ‘Print & Prepare’ mode for non-stop printing. With speeds up to 2,669 ft²/hr (248 m²/hr), Jeti Mira produces industry-leading print quality in six colors (CMYKLcLm) and white with optional (3D) varnish or primer and Agfa’s unique 3D lens technology for lenticular type output.
  • Anapurna H3200i LED: a hybrid UV-LED system handles all types of rigid and roll media up to 126” (3.2 m) -wide, The 6c+w engine creates possibilities to print on transparent material for backlit applications or to produces pre-, sandwich- and post-white in one run, saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Agfa’s two-story Applications Zone focuses on extremely vivid and colorful output alive with creativity and highlights the unique capabilities of Agfa’s wide format portfolio. The vast array of real-life examples is designed to provide attendees with inspiration and educate them about the possibilities of UV inkjet including dimensional printing, industrial applications, 3D Lens printing, second surface printing, plus more.

CTP Solutions for Commercial and Packaging Printers

At PRINTING United, attendees can learn how Agfa’s complete digital printing plate assortment meets any platemaking requirements: visible light, UV, polyester, thermal, chemistry-free, process-free. Agfa Plates are part of an integrated prepress solution, tested and proven for optimal reliability.

Workflow Solutions for all segments

Agfa technical experts will demonstrate how our flexible, innovative software solutions bring efficiency, productivity and a positive return on investments. Systems include:

  • Apogee Cloud v11.2 with Web Approval a comprehensive automated, integrated workflow that enables commercial printers to control every phase of the production process from a single user interface. As the only true production-based workflow in the cloud, Apogee Cloud lets users run their workflow off-site, securely, privately and efficiently. Apogee is also available via subscription.
  • Asanti 4.12: a centralized, automated workflow hub with integrated the award-winning color management system specifically designed for PSPs to streamline their sign & display production processes. Asanti Production Dashboard provides immediate feedback from the production engines.
  • PrintSphere: integrated data sharing and storing service, delivers files directly into Asanti and Apogee workflows, automatically emails customers and backs up data.
  • StoreFront: central print ordering portal available 24/7. StoreFront streamlines order fulfilment while reducing costs and improving time-to-market.

Agfa ECO3 Software Suite

Agfa’s ECO³ philosophy -- ecology, economy and extra convenience – brings sustainable innovations for a cleaner environment and a better bottom line for PSPs. ECO³ solutions save time and money and make the production process cleaner while reducing environmental footprints. In addition to the new SPIR@L screening solution, Agfa will be demonstrating advanced workflow solutions:

  • PressTune: optimizes production flow by evaluating print jobs to establish consistent, standardized color, and reduces make ready times by up to 40%. InkTune: lowers ink consumption by up to 30% without sacrificing print quality. Results in shorter drying times, improved color consistency and optimal printing stability on-press
  • PrintTune for Sign & Display: a comprehensive audit tool that helps manage PSP’s business across all wide-format devices for consistency. PrintTune improves efficiencies at print sites, centralizes feedback and provides greater visibility to print buyers and brand managers.

“Agfa’s innovative technology, integrated systems approach and industry expertise help customers improve efficiencies, increase productivity and realize the lowest cost of print manufacturing. Our ultimate goal is to generate more value for their entire business,” said Deborah Hutcheson, Director of Marketing, Agfa.

Agfa, a Platinum sponsor of PRINTING United, will be located in booth #8242. The show is being held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX, from Wednesday, October 23rd to Friday, October 25th, 2019. For more information visit

Deborah Hutcheson

Director of Marketing
Agfa Graphics
T   800-540-2432 x8584646


Jeti Tauro H3300 LED

Jeti Tauro H2500 LED

Jeti Mira LED

Anapurna H3200i LED

  • Apogee Cloud

    Apogee Cloud

    Apogee’s trademark efficiency, in the form of a unique, cloud-based solution. Discover the flexibility, user-friendliness, and high-security approach of Apogee Cloud.

  • Asanti


    Asanti offers an automated workflow for the wide-format printer market. It streamlines your processes and ensures consistent results.

  • Asanti Enhancers

    Asanti Enhancers

    Asanti Enhancers boost your Asanti with more output possibilities and increased productivity.

  • Asanti Production

    Asanti Production

    Asanti Production is a sign and display workflow solution that includes PDF creation and preflighting. It automates and optimizes your wide-format production process.

  • Asanti StoreFront

    Asanti StoreFront

    As a cloud-based web-to-print solution that enables print buyers to place orders online 24/7, Asanti StoreFront will help you expand your customer base and increase your revenue in no time.

  • Hybrid Anapurna LED Series

    Hybrid Anapurna LED Series

    High-speed 4/6-color + white hybrid UV LED-curable inkjet system with a printing width from 1.65 to 3.2 m for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • InkTune


    Reduce ink consumption by up to 30% while maintaining or even increasing print quality: InkTune is your golden ticket to lower cost-of-ownership and higher profitability.

  • Jeti Tauro H2500 LED

    Jeti Tauro H2500 LED

    The hybrid Jeti Tauro H2500 LED relies on UV LED curing to offer you vivid six color plus white or primer prints, incredible productivity (up to 275 m2/h), cutting-edge automation and countless rigid and flexible media applications.

  • Jeti Tauro H3300 LED

    Jeti Tauro H3300 LED

    The hybrid Jeti Tauro H3300 LED combines vivid six-color prints (plus white or primer) of the highest quality with extreme productivity and cutting-edge automation.

  • PressTune


    Take total control with Agfa's comprehensive PressTune print standardization tool. Benefit from more accurate, consistent colors, faster make-ready times, lower ink consumption, smoother approvals and an overall increase in efficiency and productivity.

  • PrintSphere


    PrintSphere is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service solution for standardized data exchange and workflow automation.

  • PrintSphere AutoPilot

    PrintSphere AutoPilot

    AutoPilot is a module that extends the prepress automation capabilities of PrintSphere.

  • PrintTune


    Take total control with Agfa’s comprehensive PrintTune print standardization tool. Benefit from more accurate, consistent colors, smoother approvals and an overall increase in efficiency and productivity.

  • SPIR@L


    Agfa’s new and patented print screening technology, SPIR@L, takes its ECO³ solutions to the next level. How? It’s simple: we replaced the traditional ink dot used in offset printing with a more efficient shape, such as a spiral. The result is a crystal-clear image every time without effort.

  • SPIR@L


    With its new and patented print screening technology, Agfa takes its ECO³ solutions to the next level. The concept is straightforward but all the more innovative: we replace the traditional ink dot used in offset printing with other more efficient shapes such as spirals. This has a positive impact on print quality and results in a crystal-clear image every time without effort.


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