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Customer Case  | Digital Design, Kansas City, MO, UNITED STATES  | 22 August 2018

Jeti Tauro LED Helped Digital Design Leapfrog the Competition

A flatbed that quadruples output at an even higher print quality.

Digital Design, LLC, the parent company to was formed in 2000 to offer large format graphics to legal and advertising industries. Over time, the company successfully expanded into engineering, marketing, retail and municipal government vertical markets.

After moving into a new facility in mid-2017 to gain more space, Digital Design’s CEO Scott Burnham decided they needed to update their equipment and set sights on a printing system offering faster speeds.

“We had other flatbeds that served us well but were aging,” explained Burnham. “We were struggling to keep up with new business. Naturally, I thought we needed a true flatbed replacement.”

While researching and testing robust UV LED flatbed systems, Agfa Graphics challenged Digital Design to consider their high production hybrid, the Jeti Tauro LED. Once they saw the capabilities of the Tauro, the decision became obvious. The Jeti Tauro LED is ruggedly built to easily handle extreme 24/7 workloads and can handle a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates.

It was clear that the hybrid systems of today have come a long way. Agfa Graphics’ UV LED hybrid competes head to head with flatbeds when it comes to impressive print quality and productivity.

“We needed to bring in a machine that would leapfrog our existing equipment,” Burnham said. “The Jeti Tauro is able to quadruple our output at even higher print quality. It eliminated our bottleneck on flatbed printing.”

Digital Design came to realize that they could get to the next level in their growth strategy with the Jeti Tauro LED. The Jeti Tauro LED is sturdy, reliable and can print rigid sheets & rolls up to 2.54m (100”) wide. It runs at a speed of up to 2,960 ft2/h (275 m²/h) in express mode and up to 441 ft2/h (41 m²/h) in high-definition mode.

The Jeti Tauro LED offers outstanding print quality in six colors (CMYKlclm) plus white or primer. Its specially-formulated UV LED inks offer a wide color gamut and Thin Ink Layer technology guarantees the lowest cost of print manufacturing.



Jeti Tauro LED helped Digital Design leapfrog the competition.

“Our customers have analyzed the ink usage on the high-production Jeti Tauro LED and report a positive long-term impact,” said Deborah Hutcheson, Director of Marketing, gfa Graphics North America. “They are impressed that such high-quality output is produced with minimal ink consumption.”

“The resolution we get from the Jeti Tauro is unparalleled and commands the attention of anyone who sees it. It’s a fun machine to operate and to we enjoy showing it off to our clients,” Burnham said. “We have a high level of confidence in Agfa Graphics’ maintenance and support teams as well”

Built with success in mind

Digital Design offers large format graphics and has expanded into new markets with exceptional turn times, competitive pricing and outstanding talent. The company is one of the premier print providers in Kansas City, MO. Its output is visible in grocery stores and fast food chains to sports complexes and arenas.

With their tremendous experience and desire to grow, the Jeti Tauro helped Digital Design to make the leap. 

“The Jeti Tauro features innovative technology and robust design, from its chassis to its print heads,” Burnham said. “Other systems include a roll-to-roll feature that seems to be an afterthought. The hybrid Jeti Tauro LED is  designed as an integrated flatbed and roll-to-roll system that handles roll media as easily as it handles rigid substrates. We drive the Jeti Tauro LED with Asanti wide format workflow which automates and simplifies the production process.” 

Options a-plenty

An automated board feeder (ABF) can be added to process up to 4 boards automatically, reducing idle time and increasing productivity by as much as 30%. Registration pins assure accurate board alignment, up to 1 mm accuracy. Asanti software initiates the pin setting configuration depending on the size of the media. Ball rollers give extra support for heavy or large boards.

The Jeti Tauro comes in a variety of printhead configurations, from 24 to 32 heads in different arrays of color, white, varnish and primer. It features fast-firing Ricoh inkjet print heads, each with four nozzle rows for two colors per head. While 24 print heads print in color, 8 are dedicated to pre- and post-white, sandwich white and/or primer printing.

“We opted to have all white on both ends of the carriage because we produce a lot of window graphics. We could have selected primer or varnish combinations. With the printhead configuration on our Tauro, we can produce these graphics with spot or flood white ten times faster than we previously could,” Burnham said.

UV LED and the environment

On top of its sturdy design, high-speed capabilities and flexibility the Jeti Tauro is also environmentally-friendly. Its UV-LED curing lamps, compared to more typical, high energy-consuming mercury bulb lamps, offer several economic and ecological benefits. LEDs have minimal heat output, ideal for printing on thin heat-sensitive media such as styrene sheets and rolls. They also ensure very stable bi-directional calibration and higher system up-times, in addition to significant power savings. All of that adds up to a positive effect on the system’s ROI.

Wide format printers equipped with UV LED lamps provide a number of unique advantages in terms of generating extra business, saving costs and taking care of the environment. These include a wide application scope, high productivity and less power consumption.

“Our bread and butter are banners, posters and displays. Customers throughout the Midwest expect us to produce the highest-quality possible at a reasonable price, while being environmentally-conscious. The Jeti Tauro LED allows us to do that,” Burnham added.

With exceptional turn times, competitive pricing and outstanding talent, Digital Design has achieved the next level of business success and is one of the premier print providers in Kansas City.

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Jeti Tauro LED Helped Digital Design Leapfrog the Competition

Jeti Tauro LED Helped Digital Design Leapfrog the Competition

Digital Design, LLC upgrades to a Jeti Tauro LED and increases productivity, resolution and expands their business into new markets.



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