Agfa Graphics' highly trained consultants help you identify and effectively integrate the latest technology into your workflow so you can gain the fastest return on investment. Experts will examine your current workflow, pinpoint inefficiencies and give you recommendations that help you reach production goals.

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Consultation begins with a complete analysis of your entire business-including materials, task assignment, production processes and customer relationships. Reports are generated as the consultant pinpoints areas of your workflow and recommends technology to help automate and streamline certain processes.

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Key Benefits

  • Workflow analysis determines which technology would best accomplish your goals, providing a faster return on investment
  • Strategic approach to workflow technology saves you money
  • Implementing Color Management or JDF helps to automate production tasks, which helps you satisfy customers and meet tight deadlines


JDF Consultancy

Do you need a more streamlined production workflow? And a better system of communication between departments and with clients? JDF Consultancy provides a complete analysis of the benefits that JDF offers to your printing workflow.

Color Management Systems Consultancy

Managing colors reliably is one of the biggest challenges in the printing and publishing workflow. Color Management Systems consultancy helps you understand the automated processes that provide predictable images throughout your workflow, no matter which equipment and media is used to create them.

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Because they are based on a careful analysis of your workflow, Agfa's consultancy services provide benefits to printing and production companies of all sizes and specialties.

Complete workflow analysis

Agfa experts examine each component of your workflow from the front-end, through production and product delivery, to help determine its strengths and weaknesses. A custom report is built to help you plan for new technology and asses its value within your workflow.

Expert recommendations

After the analysis, Agfa experts review the JDF or Color Management technology options to determine which make sense in your workflow, and explain exactly what benefits it will bring. If you decide to implement the new technology, Agfa technicians can provide networking assistance and staff training services as needed.

A business partner for life

At Agfa, it is our goal to become your trusted business partner. We will continue to combine our resources of systems, services and support to help you to achieve your goals today and in the future.


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