Educational Programs

Agfa Graphics' complete business solutions go beyond supplying systems and software. Our education programs provide your team with the knowledge and expertise it takes to create efficient, quality-controlled processes, which deliver top-quality products to your customers.

Educational Programs


Agfa Graphics' educational programs teach your team how to operate a piece of equipment, and understand the technology that makes that equipment work. Training motivates your staff do their best work and helps your company, as a whole, produce outstanding products.

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Key Benefits

  • Staff training helps to achieve maximum efficiency and quality, which saves you time and avoids costly mistakes
  • Investment in your staff motivates them and helps them remain dedicated to your business
  • A greater knowledge of processes and technology helps your staff identify and avoid potential problems
  • Staff training expands an individual’s capabilities, allowing one person to perform a variety of tasks


Onsite Training

Agfa Graphics' onsite training programs are tailored to meet your specific requirements. A workflow analysis is performed to provide insight into your unique environment, and then an appropriate program is created based on your goals. Onsite training motivates employees, and helps you to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

The Academy

Agfa Graphics delivers one-on-one or classroom training on a variety of topics that affect your business. Classes can be scheduled at your convenience either at Agfa's location or at your facility.

User Profile

Production environments of all sizes and specialties can benefit from Agfa Graphics' education programs, which can be tailored to meet your specific workflow challenges.

A higher level of professionalism

Knowledge is the difference between just getting the job done, and becoming a valuable consultant that your clients depend on to solve problems quickly and deliver top-quality products. Agfa's educational approach gives your staff the tools to become the best in the business.

Programs tailored to meet your needs

Agfa's onsite training programs begin with an evaluation of your workflow, and an in-depth discussion of the goals you want to accomplish. Agfa's professionals then craft a unique program aimed at helping your staff reach those goals. This unique approach to training ensures that the material covered is relevant, and that your organizational needs are met.

Classroom training

Group or individual training sessions provide knowledge and techniques on how to use specific equipment, operate workflow software, and generally create a more productive environment.


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