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Agfa understands that a day in printing or publishing can last much longer than one eight hour shift. That’s why we offer 24-hour support with :Alert service.

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After-hours assistance when you need it most

With :Alert service, Agfa's trained experts are available to diagnose problems and provide assistance, anytime you need it. This is not available for all products.

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Alert is a crucial service for any newspaper, packaging, or high-volume commercial printer who needs to ensure reliable operation 24 hours a day.

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Key Benefits

  • After-hours connection to Agfa’s experts provides faster resolutions with less downtime
  • Remote diagnostics help you correctly identify system problems
  • Ability to rush-deliver parts and services ensures that you are up and running quickly


After-hours connection

With Alert service you can contact an Agfa representative by phone or over the internet 24-hours a day. This provides faster resolutions to unexpected problems, and helps you steer clear of downtime.

Remote diagnostics

Alert services can be combined with remote diagnostics to help you correctly identify problems. With Agfa's technicians monitoring your systems around the clock, for parameters such as temperature and humidity, you can steer clear of problems before they occur.


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