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One of Agfa Graphic’s greatest strengths is our knowledge and experience with color. This starts with our broad collection of solutions in color proofing.

Color Tools from X-Rite


We have all the leading output technology from Epson and HP, along with software from leading manufacturers including our own, as well as options from EFI, GMG and Onyx.

We can address special needs like two sided proofing and we carry the complete line of spectrophotometers and measurements instruments from Xrite including their eXact and a variety of color proofing tools from CMYK including InkZone.

Most importantly we have the trained applications support personnel to work with you to ensure these products meet your proofing needs. If those needs include a complete G7 implementation or just a day of training, it is these resources that are critical to ensure that you have the total proofing solution.

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Color Tools from CMYK

CMYK DI-PLOT: takes the bitmap files calculated and separated in the RIP, converts them to the required resolution for proofing, and sends the descreened result to any color printer. This high-performance technology from Digital Information guarantees full data integrity as well as identical positioning and content between the press sheet and a fully imposed proof.

CMYK DJet: an innovative new printing system for the economical production of short runs featuring Epson quality, as well as an ultra-fast inkjet print solution for the output of double-sided imposition proofs.

CMYK Filter Klear: utilizes advanced nanofiber technology featuring ceramic nanofibers on a micro-glass matrix to eliminate wastewater in the pressroom.

CMYK InkCanDispenser: a press frame mounted dispenser allowing printers to automatically pump ink into the ink fountain using existing ink cans.

CMYK INKZONE LOOP: a closed-loop color solution for digital ink control on offset presses from all leading manufacturers. InkZone Loop enables the automatic measurement and evaluation of color bars and then direct, digital feedback of the appropriate ink-key adjustments.

CMYK InkZone Report: a software package, available for X-Rite and Techkon scanning instruments, as well as Digital Information’s InkZone Move software,  has been developed to analyze and display how well current press work matches print industry standards such as ISO or G7.

CMYK INKZONE PERFECT: Software package for accepting zone coverage values generated by DI-Plot in XML/JDF format; allocation of all printing inks to the appropriate printing unit; calibration of the zone percentage values in line with ink key openings and ductor roller positions on the press; transmission of this data to the press console using the InkZone hardware connections or existing network connections; copying the print job from the press console for calibration and archiving of machine data; local storage and administration of archived jobs.

Color Tools from X-Rite

X-Rite Ci6x Portable Spectrophotometer: a complete color management package designed to provide end-users with the perfect complement to a quality assurance, quality control, and process control operation.

X-Rite EasyTrax: a semi-automated color scanning system for producing accurate jobs up to 8 colors. EasyTrax will streamline your processes while reducing make ready, saving time and materials.

X-Rite Exact Scan: a handheld densitometer/spectrophotometer and a scanning device, it is a critical part of a complete color management ecosystem that ensures color consistency and repeatability across the entire color workflow. It measures a 100cm/40” color bar in less than 10 seconds, capturing density, spectral color values, dot gain and more.

X-Rite eXact: a next generation handheld color measurement solution that enables printers and packaging converters to truly understand, control, manage and communicate color across the entire color network and avoid unwanted reprint and rework.

X-Rite i1isis 2: a spectrophotometer with M-Series measurement illumination conditions both your productivity and the quality of your print production. This automated chart reader reads up to 2,500 patches printed on a single A3 page in just 10 minutes.

X-Rite i1 Professional Color Management: create profiles that present the best color on monitors, scanners, projectors, printers or online web-to-print submission tools.

X-Rite Intellitrax: automatically scans the color bar of a typical press sheet in less than 15 seconds, measuring special colors, PANTONE® colors, non-process colors, and paper color. IntelliTrax reports results on-screen instantly so press operators can quickly make adjustments and get to approved color faster.


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