Offset Ink

Printing ink is one of the most valuable components to color managed printing. Choosing the right ink for the application is critical to accurate and consistent color managed printing. Agfa has invested significant time, energy and research into establishing the product line that is consistent, reliable and that meets our customer's printing needs.

Offset Ink


Our product portfolio encompasses many print applications including: sheetfed, folding carton, packaging, coldest, heatset, UV, waterless as well as specialty applications. Additionally, our product portfolio offers environmental friendly formulations and supports green manufacturing and sustainability, as well as the G7™ Calibration Method.

Our ink portfolio includes offerings from Sun Chemical, hubergroup and VanSon Holland, among others. Each product offering, provides a unique and best-in-class solution for the specific application. 


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hubergroup – !NKREDIBLE Sheetfed Conventional Inks 

ULTIMA: Sheetfed ink with excellent rub resistance. Particularly suitable for printing on critical paper grades. The ideal process series for matt-coated or uncoated stocks when fast post print finishing is required. Not recommended for printing on films or other non-absorbent substrates

RAPIDA: Sheetfed stay-open printing ink with fast physical drying properties for immediate work-and-turn and rapid post-print finishing.  The ideal process series for frequent job changes, offering maximum flexibility in regard to varying volumes of the print runs.  Very fast setting and outstanding stacking characteristics

REFLECTA: Sheetfed printing ink for maximum gloss and most brilliant color reproduction. These stay-open printing inks are formulated on the basis of renewable raw materials.  The ideal process series for the highest standards of gloss. This series is first choice for use on perfecting presses.  Exceptionally high gloss and color brilliance.

hubergroup – !NKREDIBLE Conventional Inks     

RESISTA: Sheetfed printing ink for excellent rub resistance. These stay-open printing inks are formulated on the basis of renewable raw materials.  The ideal process series for high mechanical stress, matt-coated or uncoated stocks, with and without aqueous coating. Excellent rub resistance.

MAXXIMA: Sheetfed printing ink for maximum reliability in the printing process: all-purpose without weaknesses in performance profile.  Ideal series for users not willing to compromise in printability whilst still maintaining highest demands in rub resistance, brilliance, print contrast and suitability for the perfecting process.

REVOLUTION MID TACK & LOW TACK HEAT SET: Web ink that meet all the demands for high-speed printing presses, premium quality jobs and ambitious production conditions. Transparency, emulsification characteristics, dot gain, grey balance and trapping are creating the perfect printing environment for an efficient and stable in quality output.

GOODNEWS Open Fount COLDSET:  Web process ink for high-speed newspaper presses offer stable printing characteristics on all types of presses.  The full range of different inking systems, dampening systems and press speeds has been considered as well as all materials on press when developing these top performing inks.

hubergroup – Pantone Sheetfed Blending Bases             

Pantone Colors

  • YELLOW 012C
  • ORANGE 021C
  • RED 032C
  • BLUE 072C

Sun Chemical Sheetfed Inks         

Sun Chemical Diamond Brand: A versatile 4-color process conventional Sheetfed ink designed to work on a number of different presses regardless of size and format.  SunLit Diamond allows you to use one ink series to help reduce ink inventory, and increase press uptime.  When compared to other inks on the market, it has shown to be faster setting, which means stacks of printed work can be turned more quickly with less risk of marking.  SunLit Diamond Sheetfed inks are based on technology that is mineral oil-free and uses vegetable oil materials.  With its low VOC content 0.5%, these inks can be used in many market sectors where environmental issues gain importance.

Sun Chemical Intense Brand: SunLit Intense commercial Sheetfed process inks deliver the right blend of lithographic performance and ink setting properties, and deliver it with high abrasion resistance and drying speeds needed for quick turnaround operations.  These inks are formulated to have print fidelity and resolution to get you as close to the original as possible.   SunLit Intense inks offer excellent press stability, dot gain and trap efficiency.   Sun Chemical Sheetfed process inks are formulated to meet most color compliancy requirements.   SunLit Intense inks utilize a high level of renewable, bio-based content, including vegetable oils and renewable rosins for a total BRC* rating of 77%. With less than 1% VOCs, these inks have been formulated to have less impact on the environment while exhibiting a high level of lithographic performance and abrasion resistance properties.

Sun Chemical Triumph Max: SunLit Triumph Max commercial conventional Sheetfed process inks are designed for high speed presses and high-end printing.  These high performance inks offer ease of use and high print fidelity.  Triumph Max inks offer high abrasion resistance on a variety of stocks, including uncoated and matte types.  SunLit Triumph Max has an extended water window, high trap efficiency and very good print contrast – a combination of performance attributes that means high definition printing.  These inks set quickly and dry hard enough to not scuff in finishing operations.  SunLit Triumph Max uses renewable resources and bio-based materials and contains less than 2% VOCs.  A blend of vegetable oils, vegetable oil derivatives, alkyds and rosin based resins are used to enhance overall press performance.  According to the method ASTMD6866, SunLit Triumph Max has a level of non-fossil carbon present around 50%.

Sun Chemical - MS Blending Bases (GFI Dispenser Cartridges): The SUN MS Blending Bases are made available in 8lb cartridges that are compatible with the GFI AccuBlend HV ink dispensing system, which allows for in house ink mixing of both PMS and custom spot colors. 


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