Plate Care Products

Extend the lifetime of your plates by using the right plate care product. Agfa Graphics developed performing plate cleaners for each plate.

Plate Care Products


You want your plates to perform perfectly. Agfa Graphics’ plate care products enable you to extend their life by providing the necessary protection. Every plate needs its own specific cleaner, meeting the requirements of its unique composition. Agfa Graphics’ cleaning products are developed simultaneously with the plate to ensure they works properly.

All our plate cleaners remove ink and scum, desensitize non-imaged areas and provide protection during press stops.

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Agfa Plate Care Products

Normakleen RC910: Emulsion cleaner and conditioner for positive and negative aluminum plates. Developed for analog plates but can also be used on certain CtP plates. Removes scum, oxidation and light scratch mark. 

ANTURA: Mild emulsion cleaner for all CtP plates. 

ANTURA CtP Plate Cleaner: Mild emulsion cleaner for all CtP plates, contains almost no VOC for a safer working environment. 

Low VOC Plate Cleaner: Mild emulsion cleaner for all CtP plates. 

Fortakleen RC95: Heavy duty abrasive emulsion cleaner for positive and negative plates. Suited for baked plates. 

Fortakleen 100: Dedicated plate cleaner who is designed for the Agfa DoP plates. Cleaner will remove ink, scratches and will desentsitise the non image areas in difficult printing conditions.

Fortakleen Ultra: Strong, heavy-duty, abrasive emulsion cleaner for positive and negative plates. Used when a stronger cleaner than Fortakleen RC95 is needed. Suited for baked plates. 

ANTURA CleanGum: Dual purpose plate cleaner and storage gum. Removes inks and gums the plate for short term storage (1-7 days). 

ANTURA TE Clean-Out: Manual wash-out gum for Azura TE plate. After manual cleanout, you can store the plate easily up to 1 - 2 weeks. The clean-out plate will behave identical to all other non-DoP plates in all printing circumstances. 

Reviva plate: A liquid scratch remover for non-image areas on all printing plates.

Reviva Plate pen: A scratch remover for non-image areas on all printing plates. 

PlateEtch Plus: Acidic desensitizing solution. Eliminates problems with desensitization and oxidation. Enhances the water receptivity of metal surfaces. 

Tower Plate Care Products 

Tower Plate Cleaner & Preserver: an outstanding plate cleaner that also desensitizes and provides a short term gum preservative for CTP plates. The product will not damage the image of a CTP Plate as it is an acid emulsion cleaning product. Along with cleaners and gum, the product provides excellent lubrication for the plate to help with fast roll ups on press. Plate Cleaner & Preserver is an excellent choice for short term storage of plates for re-use.

Tower Premium OTF Plate Cleaner: a non-emulsion cleaner used to clean baked and unbaked printing plates on the fly in a production setting. The product quickly and effectively desensitizes scratches while the web press is running without removing the image on the plate. Premium OTF Plate Cleaner will help you minimize press downtime and maximize print quality by rapidly cleaning and conditioning the plate without damage.


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