Specialty Products

Just keep printing. And if difficulties occur, Agfa Graphics has the right solutions up its sleeve. Discover the products that solve any of your problems.

Specialty Products


Dried ink, a broken blanket or a dirty roller? Agfa Graphics offers the right solution. Keep your printing process under control by using a specific product to solve a specific problem.


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Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy application
  • Control the formation of foam
  • Suitable for a wide variety of printers
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor


Agfa Specialty Products

No Foam RC31: emulsion to prevent or reduce foam in almost all liquid systems, independent of their chemical nature. 

Decal Plus: acidic cleaning solution designed to remove excessive calcium and magnesium residue from rollers and blankets. Essential when printing with untreated hard water. 

Xchange: efficient cleaning liquid for ink rollers, enabling quick color changes in one wash-up. 

Dampakleen Plus: cloth damper cover cleaner. Quickly removes ink, pigments, varnish, gum residues, paper lint etc. 

Rolkleen: dampening rubber roller cleaner. Removes contaminants and ink residues from chrome, steel and rubber rollers. 

InkStripper Plus: powerful solvent designed to quickly remove hardened conventional ink and coating deposits from blanket and rollers. 

VCF CareClean: Surface and Circulation Cleaner for VCF processing equipment maintenance. Removes coating residue in VCF Cleanout Units. 

Antura Oxy Clean: Active oxygen cleaner; To be used when bad smell and mucus builds up in the tanks, tubes and pumps of the water rinse and the (clean-out) gum sections of plate developing or clean-out units. This product is safe for all processor components. 

Processor Cleaner: cleaner for positive thermal plate processors, e.g. Energy Elite plates. 

Dampening System Cleaner: powerful cleaner for dampening systems in offset presses. Effectively removes ink residues and paper dust. 

Universal Key: opens jerry cans (10 l, 20 l) and cubitainers (200 l, 1,000 l).

Tower Specialty Products

Tower Meter Clean: metering Roller Cleaner; Very fast drying, strong cleaning MRC designed for use in continuous dampening systems and has a Mild citrus odor.

Tower MRC 100: Low VOC Metering Roller Cleaner; A low VOC that meets the SCAQMD requirements at 100grams per liter. A very fast drying, Very strong cleaning MRC with a solvent odor. 

Tower Super Roller Cleaner: Effectively and quickly cleans, deglazes and conditions ink rollers. Rollers that have become contaminated with glaze, paper dust and ink can cause poor printing quality. With regular use, SUPER ROLLER CLEANER will help maintain the rollers for optimum print quality. The product can also be used for fast color changes during the course of the day for improved pressroom productivity.

Tower Roller Paste: A high technology cleaning paste for thoroughly cleaning printing rollers. The product is unique in that it accomplishes the cleaning function without strong solvents or abrasive chemical additives. The product is ideal for color changes and daily roller maintenance.

Tower 30A Web Conditioner: A high technology, antistatic web conditioner for the web pressroom. The product contains about 30% active silicone solids for excellent performance at a great price point.

Tower Deluxe Calcium Rinse: Formulated to dissolve calcium deposits not just on the surface of the rollers, but deep down into the rubber to give you really clean rollers. Calcium build ups can affect production costs and print quality if they are not treated. Deluxe Calcium Rinse emulsifies the calcium on contact when applied to the rollers, back cylinders and chrome rollers.

Tower Plate Cleaner & Preserver: An outstanding plate cleaner that desensitizes and provides a short term gum preservative for CTP plates. Will not damage the image of a CTP Plate as it is an acid emulsion cleaning product. Along with cleaners and gum, the product provides excellent lubrication for the plate to help with fast roll ups on press. Plate Cleaner & Preserver is an excellent choice for short term plate storage.

Tower CTP Scratch Remover:  An advanced formulation of specialty cleaning agents for use on CTP Plates. The product removes ink, glaze, gum and paper dust and leaves the non‐image area clean and desensitized. This is an acid based emulsion cleaner that can clean the plate and remove scratches in one application. Approved for use on Kodak, Agfa and Fuji plates. 

Tower Premium OTF (on the fly) Plate Cleaner: A non‐emulsion cleaner for baked and unbaked printing plates. The product quickly and effectively desensitizes scratches while the web press is running without removing the image on the plate. Premium OTF Plate Cleaner will help you minimize press downtime and maximize print quality.

Tower Dynamic Duo System Cleaner:  Developed to help printers effectively clean their fountain solution recirculation systems and come back to print quality quickly and easily. Dynamic Duo Systems Cleaner is a two part, ready to use liquid system that contains an alkaline cleaning liquid (Part One) and a liquid neutralizer (Part Two). Applying this technology to the recirculation system provides for a fully cleaned and stabilized water tank for adding the fountain solution back into the system for a faster start‐up. The product system is non‐regulated and the two products are color coded for easy identification.

Tower Automatic Blanket Cleaning Cloth Rolls: Tower Products, Inc. provides a full range of automatic blanket wash cloth rolls for a variety of press types. Made from a premium, non-woven material, our washcloth will not break under tension providing a problem free wash-up. Our product is low linting which quickly removes ink and solvent for an effective automatic blanket wash on any press.

Tower Ink Fountain Liners: Specifically designed for use in Heidelberg presses. These liners are manufactured using high quality polyester from DuPont that provides a consistent liner gauge from end to end. Conventional Liners are 7.5 Mils in thickness; UV Liners are 10 Mils. Each box also contains a certificate of quality assurance.

Other Specialty Products

PRETEX – FOGRA APPROVED - Pre-Moistened Automatic Blanket Cleaning Cloths: Heat-set & sheet-fed solvent impregnated wash cloths designed to provide a uniform, controlled release of cleaning solvent.  The cleaning results remain consistent from the beginning to end of roll.  These pre-moistened rolls are individually wrapped in leak free, foil packaging.



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