Finishing Equipment

Agfa Graphics has the finishing solutions you need to differentiate your business. 

When it comes time to offering new capabilities for your customers and prospects, look no further than Agfa. Choose from a complete line of wide format finishing solutions from our best-in-class manufacturers and capitalize on today's opportunities. Whether laminating, coating, mounting, grommeting, cutting and/or routing, we offer the equipment, software, installation, training and expertise to help put you in a position to prosper.

Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

Agfa Graphics provides cutters, trimmers, knives, blades, tables and a host of accessories from Seal, Fletcher-Terry, Foster, Neolt, X-Acto and Olfa. Agfa offers cutting tools and equipment for precision cutting of lightweight materials like paper, foam board, film and cloth as well as heavyweight materials such as MDO board, Sintra, Lexan, Gatorfoam, Coroplast, Di-Bond, Fome-Cor and more.



Agfa Graphics offers laminators which are precision-engineered for the highest quality and performance and offer the best warranty in the business. Models vary from 54″ to 65″ finishing capability and each machine is profiled for either new or experienced users whilie incorporating cutting edge features for optimum functionality, safety, value and ease of use.



Agfa Graphics offers the latest technology in media and print protection and enhancement with coaters from ATC. These coaters provide a high-speed solution to low-cost protection of digital and photographic prints, packaging and signage.

Grommeting Hand Press

Grommeting Hand Press

The HIKER H-901 hand press offers all the versatility you'll ever need from a hand press.  The die are interchangeable, so you can insert several types and sizes of grommets with the same press;  the lower die is adjustable, which provides a consistent, quality setting in various material thicknesses. 

Sign and Display Systems

Sign and Display Systems

Agfa Graphics provides banner stands, pole system, roll-up, retractable, sign holders, frames, pop-ups, easels and accessories. We provide hem tape, grommet tabs, hook and loop and special tape for finishing your display graphic.

Visit the Agfa Graphics E-Store to view the full selection of indoor and outdoor sign and display systems for all applications. Our systems offer adjustable display height, portability, versatility and affordability.

E-Store and More

E-Store and More

Visit the Agfa Graphics E-Store to view the full selection of Grand Format Solvent & UV Printers & Supplies.

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News & Articles

  • Inkjet applications with extreme stopping power
    02 May 2018

    Inkjet applications with extreme stopping power

    Innovative applications like 3D lens prints, multi-dimensional printing or day-and-night printing can create stunning effects that provide print service providers with a unique selling proposition to their customers.

  • 16 April 2019

    "An Agfa printer provides you with the best total cost of ownership"

    Agfa’s Jeti Tauro H2500 LED and Anapurna RTR3200i LED large-format inkjet printers give Sign & Display printer Publi-FDM great value for money

  • Agfa to show extreme productivity and extreme quality at FESPA 2019
    01 March 2019

    Agfa to show extreme productivity and extreme quality at FESPA 2019

    The perfect match between quality and productivity in the world of inkjet printing. That is what Sign & Display companies can expect from Agfa. Add to that the lowest ink consumption in the industry thanks to our Thin Ink Layer technology, the list of ecological and economical benefits of LED technology, and the smartest workflow software, and you have all the reasons you need to pay a visit to our Fespa booth in Münich (14-17 May).

  • Agfa to demo its Jeti Tauro H3300 LED flagship at FESPA 2019
    17 April 2019

    Agfa to demo its Jeti Tauro H3300 LED flagship at FESPA 2019

    The award-winning Jeti Tauro H3300 LED inkjet printing engine will be the centerpiece of Agfa’s FESPA booth (May 14-17, Munich), combining outstanding image quality with impressive productivity and cutting-edge automation. Other live demos on the booth: the Anapurna H3200i LED printer, and the latest version of Agfa’s Asanti workflow solution for sign & display.

  • StoreFront tips & tricks: Useful links
    18 March 2019

    StoreFront tips & tricks: Useful links

    Technical information, training documents and videos, handy links and other resources for Apogee and Asanti StoreFront web-to-print

  • StoreFront in-depth - Overview of v5.2 features
    03 April 2019

    StoreFront in-depth - Overview of v5.2 features

    Overview of the specifications of the Apogee StoreFront and Asanti StoreFront cloud-based web-to-print solutions

  • Printers could be coffin makers of the future
    05 March 2019

    Printers could be coffin makers of the future

    The print market has become adept at managing change and embracing new technology and markets for a number of years. Now environmentally friendly, cardboard coffin producer, LifeArt is offering a great opportunity to diversify once more into a huge new market as they look for Print Groups to partner.

  • Step up with Agfa & Partners at Sign & Digital UK 2019
    25 February 2019

    Step up with Agfa & Partners at Sign & Digital UK 2019

    Agfa is partnering with I-Sub Digital and Josero at this years’ Sign & Digital UK exhibition, where they’re inviting visitors to ‘Step Up’ their printing capabilities with wide format solutions from Agfa.

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Finishing Equipment


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