Agfa to Launch Faster :ThermoFuse Plate, :Amigo TS, at IPEX

Environmentally-friendly successor to :Amigo is up to 50 percent faster, offers improved contrast and runs in standard plate production equipment

  • Press release
  • Mortsel, Belgium
  • April 28, 2010

Agfa Graphics today announced the launch of the next-generation of the popular :Amigo ThermoFuse™ plate. The new :Amigo TS, which runs up to 50 percent faster than the original :Amigo, will make its debut on the Agfa stand at IPEX in Birmingham, UK, 18-25 May 2010.

The new, faster :Amigo TS has improved image contrast with a run length of up to 200,000 plus impressions without post baking; it can also be baked for even longer runs. The increased speed gives users the ability to produce more plates per hour, resulting in increased productivity. Imaging and processing of :Amigo TS is compatible with most platesetters and processors in the market. With a longer bath life, the new plate requires less maintenance. This makes :Amigo TS more environmentally-friendly than most plates, as waste generation is considerably reduced. It is also more productive as all processing variables are eliminated.

":Amigo TS offers printers that are currently working with standard chemically processed thermal plates a more efficient, robust and greener alternative without demanding any large investment", said Marc Op de Beeck, senior vice president, Marketing and Sales, Agfa Graphics. "The Agfa-developed :ThermoFuse technology, the basis for the world's most successful chem-free plates, makes it easy for commercial printers to become more productive and eco friendly".

:ThermoFuse brings simple platemaking technology to sheetfed printers and web printers. :ThermoFuse's purely physical image formation, known from the :Azura TS market-leading chem-free plate, eliminates many exposure variables, including pH, temperature or replenishment. This eliminates the need for processor monitoring, resulting in increased operator convenience. ThermoFuse plates are more consistent than standard chemically-developed plates and offer high chemical resistance.
:Amigo TS completes Agfa Graphics' innovative eco friendly thermal plate assortment of :Azura, :Azura TS and :Energy Elite.
The new plates will be available beginning at IPEX.

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