Agfa Graphics Adds Features to :Apogee Portal in Response to Customer Feedback

Single-dashboard interface streamlines file upload, automates preflight and improves print buyer collaboration for higher performance and better user experience.

  • Press release
  • Mortsel, Belgium
  • April 30, 2010

Agfa Graphics today announced the launch of :Apogee Portal 7. The new version of Agfa's popular portal for file upload, preflight and softproofing provides advanced functionality for user convenience and automation. The new :Apogee Portal builds upon Agfa's unique StreamProof pixel-on-demand technology to provide fast access to highly reliable soft proofs that are rendered and colour managed by :Apogee Prepress. By integrating :Apogee's Preflight technology and adding self-service functionality, the new release offers greater economy for publishers and printers.

Users can provide :Apogee Portal 7 to their customers without having to purchase extra client software or licenses, making this the ideal solution for publishers and printers that require a high level of print-buyer collaboration. A standard browser and broadband internet connection are sufficient to access reliable high-quality rendered softproofs. Dedicated software tools for calibrating and colour managing displays for soft proofing integrate seamlessly with :Apogee Portal and allow professional colour-accurate viewing that can be set up and tracked with unmatched ease-of-use.

:Apogee Portal 7's intuitive self-service features allow print buyers to define and create new jobs without prepress intervention. Combined with the necessary diagnostic tools it enables greater automation and minimises printer intervention. An interface based on Adobe Flex-technology provides unique single-dashboard user convenience and reduces the need for print buyer training or support.
:Apogee's Preflight is now fully integrated within the StreamProof viewer and directs print buyers immediately to potential production problems. As such, it adds tools to streamline collaboration between file-suppliers and prepress operators with visual guidance.

"With our single dashboard Adobe Flex-interface we were able to set a new standard for professional file-upload and interactive soft proofing. For the new version of :Apogee Portal we have mainly focused on perfecting this successful approach by collecting feedback from users, said Hans Van Glabeke, product manager for :Apogee Portal. This resulted in a series of improvements, which all together deliver unique user convenience for both print buyer and prepress operator."

:Apogee Portal 7 will be unveiled in May at IPEX 2010 in Birmingham, UK at Agfa's :Apogee User Group conference.

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